Your Servants Are Listening

One final question we should ask to evaluate our worship services is this: Who sets the talking points? Or put another way, who determines what our worship looks like—us or God? Contrary to popular opinion, we are not permitted do whatever we want in worship. We must do what God wants, and He cares very much about how He is worshiped. He has high standards. Since religion and worship are very personal, people balk at this notion. But Scripture presents the activity of worship as something much more serious and far less flippant or subjective. In fact, worship is a matter of life or death, as several examples in Scripture indicate (see below). This is why the Preacher says that we are to “walk prudently” or “guard [our] steps” as we come into the presence of God (Eccl. 5:1). He is warning the people of God, “Be careful how you worship.” Worship is a serious business—God cares how we worship, and if we do not worship Him appropriately, we place ourselves in danger.

by Jonathan Landry Cruse

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