Why Little Johnny Can’t Eat

[O]ne of the remnants of the “old days” is confusion concerning the proper recipients of the Lord’s Supper. I currently minister in a place that is no stranger to the practice of admitting infants to the table (North Idaho), but this issue is not limited to a geographical corner of the United States or bound to any one Reformed denomination – it seems that there isn’t a minister that I have talked to in recent months who hasn’t had a congregant who is on the fence with PC.

My purpose in revisiting this issue is to encourage church members who are either on the fence regarding PC (or may even desire to push their churches in the direction of allowing the practice) to pause for a moment and consider the ramifications of holding such a view. My caution to those who are already on the other side of the fence is that PC might not be all that it professes to be: a biblical, historical, and beneficial practice – and that there may be some wisdom from those within the confessionally Reformed tradition that is being overlooked.

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