True, False, or Heresy?

Since heresy is an effective denial of, or fatal wound to, the gospel, it resembles a weed growing in a beautiful garden, something to be rooted out before it absorbs the nutrients in the soil, occupying space and choking the good plants. False beliefs are not neutral; they distort and destroy true godliness.

…Since Scripture is breathed out by God the Holy Spirit (2 Tim. 3:16), teaching in accord with Scripture and the gospel is life-giving under the impetus of the Spirit. Orthodox theology is an application of the gospel of Christ as it addresses this or that aspect of Biblical teaching.

The Holy Spirit leads, guides, and protects the church of Jesus Christ, enabling it to follow the word of God that he himself breathed out for our life and salvation. Expressions such as “dead orthodoxy” are oxymorons. Orthodoxy is not dead. Any teaching that can be considered dead can hardly be orthodox. Right doctrine is the specifically focused expression of the gospel, the power of God for salvation.

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