Toxic Apathy

Why would a Polish priest on death row, when faced with the national chauvinism of the Third Reich, suggest that indifference was the deadliest poison? We will never know for sure on this side of eternity, but I believe Kolbe was on to something. And I contend that male apathy and indifference may actually be the most rampant and damaging form of “toxic masculinity” in our modern era. I also suggest that adopting a Christian vision for manhood will be the most compelling and helpful antidote for this modern poison. Let me explain.

…Toxic masculinity exists. We see it primarily in those who do not stand up for truth, are plagued with indifference, and fail to guard and promote God’s creation order. We don’t need to be in Auschwitz with Kolbe to identify the “poison of indifference” or be part of the cultural cure. But we do need to, with eyes wide open, boldly fight the chaos and “work and keep” the spaces we have been given.

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