Thoughts On Overture 12 From PCA General Assembly (2023) & Ascension Presbytery’s Sending The Overture To The Civil Magistrate: Part One

…Overture 12, adopted by the 2023 Assembly, and the same Overture, slightly adapted to regional realities by the Presbytery of the Ascension on 27 January 2024, addressed the matter clearly and biblically. For substance, the Overture is to be applauded and commended for consideration by any who take interest in the scriptural testimony about human sexuality. Both the General Assembly and Ascension Presbytery are therefore to be commended for addressing the matter seriously and biblically. At the same time, I believe that both ecclesiastical bodies acted unconstitutionally in sending the Overture to the respective civil magistrates. What follows in three parts are: a confessional consideration, several practical considerations, and a historical consideration.

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