The Worthy Work of the Stay-at-Home Mom

…As you train children who never seem to listen, remember your Savior who regularly taught the disciples and the crowds while they remained blind to the truth. As you gather your children into your lap for “one more story,” remember your Savior who said, “Let the little children come to me.” Yet where we fail to remain patient, loving, gracious, and compassionate, he did each of these acts perfectly. He took our place and did what we could not, so we could receive his work in our place.

The Creator of all the world did not see it as beneath him to serve “the least of these,” and neither should we. Our work has great worth, and it is the same kind of “lowly” work that Christ did.

Will any of this stop the world, your family and friends, or even your own children, from questioning you? Sadly not. But this mind shift isn’t for their benefit—it’s for yours. Sayers said that to truly serve others with our work, we must paradoxically forget about them as we do the work.

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