The Problem with Servant Leadership

Servant leadership properly understood is an almost self-evident virtue. Of course we want leaders who lead in the genuine service of others and of the institutions they direct.

But there are problems with the way evangelicals talk about servant leadership, particularly when it comes to married men. It’s part of why men turn to online influencers instead of the church. As I noted in my WSJ op-ed on that topic, online influencers provide an aspirational vision of manhood. Traditional authorities like the church provide a “servant leader” vision that is extremely unappealing, and, more importantly, wrong in important ways.

…I consider correcting these faulty teachings on gender to be one of the most important to do’s in getting the church ready for the negative world. It’s critical to our own community strength, the well-being of our families – and mission to reach all those men (and women) turning to online influencers.

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