The PCA & Abortion: a Survey

The church must unambiguously proclaim the evil of abortion, but also proclaim with equal clarity the redemption and mercy that are offered in the Lord Jesus Christ. Even to those who have murdered their own children as well as those who contemplate doing so, Christ offers His love and pardon.

Even to the abortionists who have enriched themselves by mutilating, dismembering, and killing those made in God’s image, the gospel offers mercy and grace to all who will repent.

The Church must continue to preach the truth even in these polarizing times, because only in Christ is there refuge from the wrath of God that is coming into the world because of sin.

Indeed our joy must not be a gaudy triumphalist gloat, but nonetheless a joy in what our God has done through this decision. But above all a joy because our God loves sinners.

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