The “Jonesboro 7” Submit to Edicts of Session

Despite the “unfair” process deployed against the Jonesboro 7 by the Temporary Session, the men nonetheless demonstrated the strength of their commitment to the Scripture, to their membership vows, to Presbyterian Church government, and to the Reformed Faith.

…The quest for justice was far from over, but at least the church plant would continue. In spite of the designs of the elders from IPC Memphis and even Presbytery’s MNA Committee, the little congregation would remain open and the whole counsel of God would be proclaimed in that city.

The men – and whole congregation – had suffered and would continue to suffer the lingering effects of the Temporary Session’s presumption of authority. But now they had a new Session committed to the spiritual welfare of the flock and they had learned that even in the face of grave hardship, God would continue to show His love for His saints, conform them to Christ’s own image, and build His Kingdom in Jonesboro.

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