The Jonesboro 7 Indicted – Part 2

They disagreed with TE Wreyford’s philosophy of ministry, and they wanted to be able to exercise their rights according to the PCA Constitution to consider other candidates for pastor when the church plant particularized. But this was not acceptable to the pastors and elders from IPC Memphis who comprised the majority of the Christ Redeemer Session. Despite the concerns of a large portion of the actual members of the congregation, the Session – none of whom were members of the Church plant – voted “unanimously” to continue their support of TE Wreyford. And to accuse the Jonesboro 7 of sin, based on things the Session believed were “fair to assume” about the Jonesboro 7.

…And so the Jonesboro 7 were left without specifics as to their offenses. Accordingly, the men entered written pleas of “not guilty,” and a trial was set for July 12, 2021 in Memphis to be held at the Independent Presbyterian Church, 70 miles from their homes, in another state, and before elders whom many of the accused had only met once or twice, and who would not even tell them the specifics of what they were accused.

In part 3, I will consider the trial of the Jonesboro 7 available next week.

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