Studying the Book of Church Order

There are many potential motivations for studying the Book of Church Order (BCO): for personal growth and edification, to understand presbytery or General Assembly meetings better, to work through a difficult church matter, or to pass your BCO/polity exams for officer training. No matter the motivation, early in the process you find yourself searching for resources. What resources are available to study the PCA’s Book of Church Order?

There is a new resource coming in the form of a podcast called Polity Matters featuring Teaching Elders Ben Ratliff, Scott Edburg, and myself talking Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) ecclesiology. The Polity Matters podcast will have a recurring segment on the BCO, seeking to provide an audio guide to the BCO.

And if we now review the other current available resources, it may be clear why more tools and reference guides are needed in our day…

While we could cite other broader or historical guides, for now we leave you with the final developing resource. As stated before, three PCA Teaching Elders with an interest in Ecclesiology are starting the Polity Matters Podcast, which will feature a recurring “Bring Your Own BCO” segment, in which we will study the BCO together and help others to understand and study it as well.

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