Should Homosexuals Hold Office in the PCA?

If a man who is an adulterer trusts in Christ and stops committing adultery, he should not describe himself as an adulterous Christian.” If the term adulterer still accurately describes the daily ongoing dominance of this lust, so that it honesty compels him to identify as an “adulterous Christian,” then he is not qualified for office. If, however, he sometimes struggles with lust for women who are not his wife, but it does not characterize him and he mortifies these lusts, then the description of “adulterous Christian” is no longer accurate and to call him such is an insult.

So, if a man feels honestly compelled to describe himself as a homosexual Christian, and the description is accurate, we heartily commend his honesty and desire to help him overcome this sin, but he is not qualified to hold office in the Presbyterian Church in America. If, however, homosexual lust no longer dominates a man, he should gladly drop the shameful description and hate such a perverse label.

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