Scripts for Healthy Masculinity

The present “crisis of masculinity” has its origins in ongoing confusion about what a man is. It also involves the contemporary angst of men, especially young men,with a sense of lack of purpose or vision they have for their lives. What does it mean for a young man to “make something” of himself? Is there a reliable and general script men can follow that will guide them towards maturation and meaning?

In The Masculinity Pyramid, I argued that men ought to be differentiated from God, animals, boys, and women. When properly considered, those four distinctions yield the four core masculine virtues of humility (in our differentiation from God), discipline (in our differentiation from animals), responsibility (in our differentiation from boys), and chivalry (in our differentiation from women). This is a follow-up to that post.

After establishing what a man is (in the ontological sense), and what he ought to be like (in themoral sense), now we’ll discuss what roles a man ought to inhabit (in the practical sense).

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