“Sacred Time for the City of Man”

How should citizens of the heavenly city act during this high-handed season in the civic calendar? I would suggest three prongs: First, humbly accept reality. Humility is obviously the antithesis to pride; but it is also key to Augustine’s theology. Folly stubbornly refuses to yield to truth, leading to the ruin of the one under pride’s domination. We can only be happy in truth, not empty illusions. And happiness is “the fulfillment of all that we ought to desire.” We were created male and female, with our sexuality ordered toward procreation. Don’t get hoodwinked by the progressive propaganda that says love and liberation are found in rejecting this reality.

Second, oppose this destructive, false civil religion. It is not loving to indulge destructive lies out of fear of offending.

Third, invite those under the sway of this civil religion to abandon false gods and embrace true liberation. To be happy is to cling to God and submit to his design for our flourishing. God will elevate us rightly when we humble ourselves and live according to His design. Invite such neighbors out of our culture’s neopagan rituals into the church’s “chaste celebration” in which we learn how to live rightly in this age so that we may be blessed forever.

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