Rise Up, Man! A Call to Young Elders

On June 28th 2019, a self-identified gay PCA minister Tweeted, “Last night [the Nashville Statement] won the battle, but they will lose the war.” After receiving blowback for his hostile rhetoric, he deleted the post and issued an apology. Nevertheless, I found his comment to be an honest, accurate, and obvious assessment of his intentions and the state of the church. He’s right; a battle is raging. A relatively small band of progressives have declared war against the PCA, demanding greater conformity, not to our confessional standards but to a version of the world’s standard of human sexuality in which one’s identity is determined by the sum total of their lusts. Their efforts have been magnified by the National Partnership; a highly organized, clandestine fraternity of block-voting progressives. While naïve moderates and confessionalists have been busy writing sermons and pastoring their churches, NP leaders have been mastering the art of denominational chess, stacking committees, distributing General Assembly voting guides, and maintaining anonymous mailing lists, closed Facebook groups, and password-protected websites. But rather than maintaining the PCA’s peace and purity by quietly transferring their credentials to a more like-minded denomination like the EPC, they have launched an offensive to seize control of the PCA and recast it after their own image.

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