Well Ordered, Living Well

Guy Prentiss Waters of Reformed Theological Seminary has rendered valuable service to those who are wondering, “What in the world is Presbyterianism?” In his most recent title on the subject, Well Ordered, Living Well: A Field Guide to Presbyterian Church Government (Reformation Heritage Books, 2022), Guy Waters does for everyday Christian readers what he did more extensively for pastors and church officers in his earlier work, How Jesus Runs the Church (Presbyterian & Reforming Publishing, 2011). In this more lately published book on ecclesiology, we have in-hand a readable and biblical introduction to Presbyterian church government.

…I heartily recommend this most excellent little manual on Presbyterianism. My prayer is that God will use this and similar materials – even our modest website here – to “win back” the name ‘Presbyterian’ from those who have trampled it under the opposing cartwheels of Liberalism, Modernism, Fundamentalism, and all manner of ham-handed Transformationalism. Long live the church, and long live her King!

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