Report on the 49th General Assembly

Over all this was a very good assembly. We removed ourselves from the NAE, which will save us money and enable us to speak more freely and clearly when it is necessary. While there was some theological diversity reflected in the men elected to board positions, the vast majority of the men elected are those who share deep commitment to the plain meaning of the Westminster Standards. And finally, we passed language that now goes to the presbyteries to further strengthen our commitment to the Scriptures and what it means for the officers to be “above reproach.” Although I do not think both amendments will pass the presbyteries, we will be able to start strong in making further revisions to our BCO binders next year.

While I do not believe this Assembly was quite the “watershed” I hoped for in my preview, I nevertheless believe the PCA enters the next year both healthier and stronger as well as more clearly committed to the Reformed faith, the Scriptures, and the Great Commission for which we should give God thanks and praise.

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