Progressivism in the Church of Scotland

In his lecture, TE David Strain, the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS provides some helpful nuance and distinction between classical theological liberalism and the theological progressivism of our own day. While there are connections and similarities between the two groups, TE Strain helps us to recognize the important differences. 

Also in this lecture, TE Strain reflects on his time as a ministerial candidate in the church of Scotland and his encounters with progressivism in the Kirk. When he was ultimately expelled from the Kirk as a ministerial candidate, it was not the progressives who wounded him the most, but it was the evangelicals who did not have the courage of their convictions to stand publicly for the truth. He warns us if the Presbyterian Church in America succumbs to progressivism the blame will fall at the feet of those who refuse to stand up for our convictions. At the end, TE Strain offers several very helpful applications for our own day and time. 

Please enjoy this first of several complimentary lectures from the Reformation & Worship Conference hosted by Midway Presbyterian Church.

Lecture by David Strain – Introduction by Ryan Biese

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