Progressive Legalism & Postmodern Chaos in the PCA

Seeing the letter of the law in our Standards, the BCO, AIC Reports, and Scripture itself then looking for ways to do what one wants to do is Pharisaical legalism. It is legalistic to look for workarounds, loopholes, and wiggle room to do mission. No amount of law or guidance will prevent a legalist from pursuing these things. No language will either.

…Look, I know that legalism exists in a lot of forms. Self-Righteousness is insidious and must be repented of wherever it rears its head in every wing of the PCA.  But this issue of loophole legalism and obfuscation in the use of language is insidious.  While men are playing fast and loose with language the sheep are becoming confused and the watching world isn’t told the truth.  Brothers, “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.”

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