Presbyterian Church (USA) Considers Forcing LGBTQ Affirmation

An increasingly revisionist Presbyterian Church (USA) will take up legislation at its 226th General Assembly June 25 – July 4 in Salt Lake City barring ordination of candidates who are not LGBTQ-affirming.

…This would require all PCUSA elders and deacons to submit to the amended version of F-1.0403’s tacit endorsement of homosexuality and transgenderism. This change to the Book of Order would not only allow PCUSA church officers to disobey Scripture by living homosexual or transgender lifestyles, it would require officers to be unfaithful to Scripture by forcing them to commit to allowing ordination of individuals living in sin and unqualified for ordination.

In contrast, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), which broke from a predecessor body of the PCUSA in 1973 and is the largest conservative Presbyterian denomination in the United States, has in recent years debated several overtures which would bar anyone identifying as gay from ordination. These overtures have met with mixed success in General Assembly and presbytery votes, but the General Assembly did adopt a study committee’s report concluding that same-sex attraction is sinful and Christians “should not identify with their sin so as to embrace it or seek to base their identity on it.” This directly contrasts OVT-001’s claim that “sexual orientation and gender identity are matters of core identity.”

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