P&R Denominations Stand Almost Alone on Male-Only Pastors & Elders

It’s 2024 and NAPARC denominations stand almost alone on male-only pastors/preachers and lay leaders (elders). The SBC is far from solid on this issue (https://sbcamendment.org/) and most evangelicals are giving way by degrees. Decisive action from the SBC would help, but many evangelicals and megachurchers have already given in. The presence of female deacons in a few NAPARC denominations doesn’t help but has not yet led to formal female elders. Made-up quasi-office titles for females in the PCA are being addressed by an amendment that seems likely to pass the presbyteries, but unordained unisex “diaconates” still undermine the doctrine of ordination and are worrying, to say the least.

By Brad Isbell

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