Vindication of the Jonesboro 7 – Part 5

This is Part Five in a series. You can read Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four. I have also written on PCA Polity. I have also collaborated with Zach Lott and TE Jonathan Brooks here to highlight the faithful submission of the men to the edicts of the Session.

….The Jonesboro 7 had suffered long and hard; they had been falsely accused, falsely convicted, barred from the Lord’s Table, but finally the Lord had vindicated His lambs, and He vindicated them through the ordinary Presbyterian process. It just took a while. But God did more than vindicate His lambs.

God continued to build His Church in Jonesboro. Christ Redeemer Church in Jonesboro is thriving under a new church planter. The congregation is meeting both on the Lord’s Day morning and evening. New families and singles have joined. They have a new, gospel-centered organizing pastor who preaches the whole counsel of God faithfully week by week. And the congregation is looking again toward particularizing next year.

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