Southeast Alabama Presbytery Sends Request to GA to Assume Original Jurisdiction Over TE Greg Johnson

On April 18, 2022, a Commission of Southeast Alabama Presbytery (SEAL), authorized by the Presbytery to draft and approve an overture to submit to the General Assembly (GA), approved an overture to submit to General Assembly. This is the second such overture that SEAL has submitted to GA (the first one was submitted on August 11, 2020) requesting that it assume original jurisdiction of TE Greg Johnson to investigate his views on alleged doctrinal errors on biblical human sexuality.

The Book of Church Order 34-1 states that at least two presbyteries must request the General Assembly to assume original jurisdiction over a minister to act in cases of doctrinal issues or public scandal. Another presbytery has docketed a vote on a similar overture for May 10, 2022; if the recommendation is approved there will then be two presbyteries making the request.

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