Neo-Calvinism and American Decline

Despite repeated attempts to introduce Bavinck and Kuyper to an American audience, they have never caught on with the rank-and-file American Evangelical. The duo has captured the hearts and minds of urban church planters seeking to slim the gospel of its historic (and confessional) social and political commitments to lower the barrier to entry. The neo-Calvinists are not the first to soft-peddle harder Christian doctrines (Clement and Origen of Alexandria withheld more mysterious doctrines until Christian maturity), but they are the first to theologically justify lobbing off entire historic doctrines of the church (such as the civil magistrate and natural law) altogether in the name of contextualization and sphere sovereignty. The consequences of this slimmed-down, contextualized neo-Calvinist gospel is a Gospel that has neither a consistent standard with which to call nations to repentance nor a standard by which Christians ought to legislate while in power. Every pastor preaches what is right in his own eyes because pluralism is the desired outcome, not subservience to the Ten Commandments, the basis of natural law.

…Christian pastors, academics and civil leaders who adopt neo-Calvinism are leading, whether intentionally or not, the churches, communities, and nations they serve back into a secular Egypt. Under the guise of theologically mandated pluralism, they are training their people to theologically rationalize political and social subservience at a time when they are the only group able to successfully challenge a radical political agenda.

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