And Elijah came near to all the people and said,
“How long will you go limping between two different opinions?”

I KINGS 18:21

The house is being robbed, its very walls are being digged down,
but the good people who are in bed are too fond of the warmth…
to go downstairs to meet the burglars.


Mushy Middle

It has been claimed that the moderate “middle” in the PCA will determine the denomination’s direction. However, according to Tim Keller (nine years ago) and Al Mohler (two years ago), the “mushy middle” is disappearing. Keller and Mohler claim this is true in both the culture and the church. If they are correct, most moderate pastors and ruling elders have already chosen, or will soon make choices, resulting in either a conservative confessional PCA, or a progressive liberal PCA. Which PCA have your pastor and ruling elders chosen to support? Or what choice will they make? And do you have a choice? Please read Questions for Your Pastor.

Standing for the Standards

By David Strain

I have no interest in advocating for a mushy middle way. An insincere, “bless-your-heart” niceness helps no one. Papering over the cracks where real differences lie is dangerous. Cracks often reveal a problem at the foundation. If the house is to stand secure, we must not ignore the warning signs. So, I have no desire to see us pretend that all is well if mutually incompatible philosophies of ministry or theological convictions continue to divide us.

In 2011, TIM KELLER said “what’s going away is the kind of mushy middle, where people are just part of the synagogue, the mosque or the church because it’s expected. So what’s actually happening is polarization.”

Tim Keller: “Mushy Middle” in Religion Is Disappearing

By Ethan Cole

Americans are becoming both more secular and more religious at the same time because the “mushy middle” is disappearing and the country is becoming more polarized, said Pastor Tim Keller on Sunday.

In 2017, AL MOHLER predicted “the mushy middle is going to disappear in a hurry, because the pressures on both sides are coming real hard.”

Disappearance of the Mushy Middle By Al Mohler

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Here is the great evangelical disaster–the failure of the evangelical world to stand for truth as truth. Truth demands confrontation; loving confrontation nevertheless. If our reflex action is always accommodation there is something wrong.


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