Ministry Moves Reported in 2023

When compared with recent history going back to 2013, what I found from a quick look at the Stated Clerk’s report to the 50th General Assembly confirmed what I suspect to be the case in the near-term. While congregations will be evenly split in their destination denominations, the number of departing ministers will be concentrated in denominations described here (admittedly, somewhat subjectively) as “More Peaceful” (e.g., the EPC, ECO, ACNA, etc.). When viewed in historical perspective (going back to 2013), it remains the case that more than any other denomination, the EPC is the destination of choice for PCA ministers transferring out of the PCA (71 in the years 2012-2022). The same move is much less common for entire congregations, despite certain high-profile examples, going back to the 1990s.

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