Knit Together

If our time in the womb as we develop is called by God a “knitting together,” a complex process that takes place over time, an intentional and careful and loving process by the very hand of God, then this truth will teach us something about the nature of the inverse as well. If time in the womb is being “knit together,” then the act of intentionally subverting, interrupting, or undoing that knitting is an act of destruction. It’s the deliberate sabotage of a personal, intentional, meaningful creative work. It’s attempting to undo the miracle of life. And because the life being destroyed is one formed in the image of God, to end it is an act of terrorism against the Creator Himself, the source and sustainer of life. But because the child is formed not only by God directly, but through and with the substance of the parents, the terrorism is twofold. For a mother to end her child’s life is also an act of terrorism against oneself. It’s not simply an attempt on a life, it’s a Kamikaze attack that is intended to hurt the Creator, and destroy oneself in the process.

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