In Favor of Counsel

Ruling Elder Jim Eggert recently published a thoughtful essay expressing his concerns with Overture 26 (O26). The Overture would allow Accused people to have any communing member of the PCA serve as her or his Counsel. Currently, Counsel for the Accused must be a member of the Congregation or Court where the case is conducted.

Before I begin, let me express my appreciation for RE Eggert. The members of the Jonesboro 7 told me of his careful and clear questions to the representatives of Covenant Presbytery that exposed the abuse of their temporary Session. The concurring opinion he crafted in the case of Harrell et al. v. Covenant Presbytery hopefully will prevent similar confusion in the future. I am very grateful for RE Eggert’s faithful ministry even as I disagree with him here.

As I understand it, RE Eggert believes this amendment would fundamentally change the ‘grass roots’ autonomy to which every Court is privileged in the PCA:

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