Critical Race Theory Is Not Difficult to Define

Rather, it is difficult to convince people of the true definition.

CRT, and critical social justice, is the epitome of intolerant, old-school, true racism — which is prejudice and discrimination.

CRT declares that all whites are oppressors and all “people of color” are oppressed.

CRT demands equity, which is forced equality of outcomes plus reparations.

CRT destroys unity and re-institutes the principle of partiality, which the Bible so clearly condemns.

CRT is a totalizing ideology and a competing worldview with Christianity. It is a pseudo-religion and a cult — see John McWhorter’s book “Woke Racism” or James Lindsay’s “Race Marxism.”

We should remove CRT everywhere it manifests itself in the PCA and admonish those in the PCA who are teaching it.

– Ray Sanchez

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