Greg Johnson & Revoice

Gay Christianity is a different religion.
I’m not standing in the same forest with Greg Johnson 
and Wes Hill and Nate Collins looking at different angles of the trees, 
I’m in a different forest altogether.


Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not loving if you stand flat footed 
and speak the truth about this issue of homosexuality.
What’s NOT loving is to look someone in the eye, 
when God says they are in jeopardy of an eternity in hell, 
and merely wink and nod at their sin because you are afraid
of being called names. Speak the truth saints, amen.


Greg Johnson Speaks at General Assembly

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Two PCA Presbyteries Request Missouri Presbytery Investigate Greg Johnson

Published by The Aquila Report:

[Westminster] Presbytery noted further that, “The self-conception of a Christian being defined as a homosexual is no different than the self-conception of a Christian being defined as a pedophile, a racist, or as a drunkard, covetous, or swindler (1 Cor. 6:10). We believe there is enough evidence to question the legitimate status of Teaching Elder Greg Johnson as a teaching elder in the PCA.”

Overture 25 to the 48th General Assembly in 2021

Allegation #1: TE Greg Johnson conflates our confessional categories of sin and misery in a way that contradicts our confession by teaching that homosexual or “gay” orientation (at least some aspect of it) is non-sinful yet due to the Fall.

Allegation #2: TE Greg Johnson conflates our confessional categories of the state of sin and the state of grace in a way that contradicts our confession by teaching that it is acceptable to identify as a “gay” or homosexual Christian.

Greg Johnson’s Tweet & Explanation Following GA

Dr. Greg Johnson’s tweet following 2019 GA vote on Nashville Statement, later taken down, and his explanation for removing it posted on Facebook.

Comments on Greg Johnson’s Christianity Today Article

By Richard Phillips:

Gay Revoice Movement Takes More Ground

By Diane Gaskins:

Last week was a well-orchestrated event for Greg Johnson. In the space of three days, Christianity Today (CT) published this PCA pastor’s gay coming-out article and his Missouri Presbytery published a committee report that affirms gay celibate pastors and exonerates the controversial LGBTQ affirming the Revoice conference that Johnson’s Memorial church spearheaded.

What the PCA’s Latest Controversy Says about Its Understanding of Outreach, Evangelism, and Ethics

By Steven Wedgeworth:

Earlier this month, members of the Presbyterian Church in America learned that one of their congregations had allowed a theatre production titled “Transluminate: A Celebration of Transgender, Agender, Non-Binary, Genderqueer and Genderfluid Artists” to be held at one of its onsite ministry venues. The congregation in question, Memorial Presbyterian Church, is the same church that hosted the original Revoice conference in 2018, which itself set off a major controversy in the PCA. As such, this latest revelation seems to be another chapter in that ongoing saga, turning the concerns of many into an outright state of alarm.

Words, Labels, and “Sexual Minorities”

By Kevin DeYoung:

While I have my concerns about some of the topics, speakers, and aims of the event, I want to comment briefly on one specific issue: the use of the term “sexual minority.” Sexual minority is a popular synonym (more or less) for those who identify as LGBT+. It is common in the wider culture and increasingly so within Christian circles. The Revoice website uses the term often. As Greg Johnson, pastor of Memorial Presbyterian, explains: “The conference organizers have preferred the term ‘sexual minority’ because it encompasses all those whose experience of sexuality is significantly different from the norm, and even includes eunuchs like the African man who was the first Gentile convert.” Johnson goes on to argue that homosexually-inclined believers should have freedom to “describe their struggle” and that the rest of us should not quarrel about words.

Revoiced Spirituality

By Jonathan Master:

There were and are many reasons to be concerned about the Revoice Conference: Its speakers equivocated (at best) when it came to questions of identity and the need to mortify sinful desires and attractions; sinful aspects of the culture were held up as treasures of the kingdom of God; its basic approach was endorsed by many prominent evangelical leaders, and its first conference was hosted in a PCA church; it was conceived as a movement, with the instruction and training of youth as its stated long-term objective; and now, its latest statements seem designed to foster a kind of forced unity within the church regarding same-sex attraction.

Christians often equate holiness with activism and spiritual disciplines. And while it’s true that activism is often the outgrowth of holiness and spiritual disciplines are necessary for the cultivation of holiness, the pattern of piety in the Scripture is more explicitly about our character. We put off sin and put on righteousness. We put to death the deeds of the flesh and put on Christ. To use the older language, we pursue mortification of the old man and the vivification of the new.


The Westminster Statement on Biblical Sexuality

By Jeffrey Windt:

Westminster Confession of Faith 6.4-5 teaches that the corruption of nature itself, from which our sins proceed, is in itself, prior to any transgression, truly and properly sin. So, when comparisons are being made that seem to put SSA in the same category as non-moral physical maladies (unless I am misunderstanding something) there seems to be some–at least implicit–disagreement between teaching that includes comparisons such as these and the Confession and Catechism’s teaching on the taxonomy of sin and corruption.

Revoice Report

Central Carolina Presbytery:

We worry at times that some have traded a Reformed doctrine of sin for a therapeutic understanding of brokenness, or even for a Roman Catholic understanding of concupiscence. With a diminished view of sin comes a diminished role for repentance, a diminished understanding of the power of the gospel, and ultimately a diminished experience of worship itself. In a day where emoting comes easier than thinking, we must renew our conviction that truth does not get in the way of helping people; truth is fundamentally necessary if we are to be truly helpful.

Revoice Is Over, Now What?

By Denny Burk:

My hope and prayer has always been that evangelical Christians might come together to reaffirm what the Bible has always taught about sin, temptation, and desire. Despite some negative signals from Revoice, that is still my hope and prayer. Until then, the debate goes on. It must go on. We need a faithful accounting of the Bible’s teaching about sexuality and gender, and Revoice has not given it to us.

The Revoice Sessions on YouTube

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For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations
for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women
and were consumed with passion for one another, 
men committing shameless acts with men and receiving
in themselves the due penalty for their error.

– ROMANS 1:26-27

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