God’s World Mission: Covenant Seminary

Taught by Vince L. Bantu (no longer at CTS):

Course Objectives (bolding added)

  • To relate to God more deeply in understanding the role of cultural identity as a celebrated part of being created in His image.
  • To understand the relationship between theology and culture and the missiological importance of contextualization.
  • Theology Is a human response to God.
  • Theology is culturally mediated and filtered.
  • To value indigenous leadership in Christian missions and to cultivate meaningful and strategic partnership across cultural and national borders.
  • To acquire familiarity with the fullness of God’s world mission as it has played out across two-millenia of world Christian history.
  • To discern the role of sociological categories of identity (race, ethnicity, culture, class, nationality) in the spiritual formation of our community and that of others.
  • To lament the Western, white cultural captivity of the Church and to place ministerial priority on the socially and culturally marginalized.
  • Residue of this social phenomenon.
  • To identify cultural blind spots and to cultivate cross-cultural intelligence for the sake of intercultural friendship in the global Body of Christ.
  • To explore best practices in missions in both intracultural and intercultural ministry through the witness of contemporary missiological models of contextualization and indigenous leadership development.

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