The PCA’s General Assembly Polarization Panel

…For two reasons, then, the decision to cancel the panel is not an instance of conservative cancel culture. First, the composition of the polarization panel cannot be said to represent the full spectrum of views on how PCA members should approach political polarization. As such, the panel’s cancelation is not an instance of a group being preventing from bringing in a speaker or speakers they desired to hear. The widespread, negative reaction throughout the PCA shows this to be the case. Secondly, as already mentioned, GA is not an ideologically neutral free-speech zone. It is a deliberative church body tasked with deciding matters according to the truth of God’s word. The large number of PCA ruling and teaching elders who voiced objections to David French’s place on the panel in particular were seeking to discharge their ecclesiastical duties faithfully in preventing something they perceived would lead to an exacerbation, not an amelioration, of disharmony in the church. For these reasons, then, I am happy to see that the Stated Clerk, in consultation with the GA’s Administrative Committee, has cancelled the panel. It is a wise and judicious decision.

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