Female Deacons in the PCA

One of the overtures voted on by the Presbyterian Church in America’s General Assembly this summer was the addition of the underlined words to a section of our Book of Church Order (Section 7-3):

No one who holds office in the Church ought to usurp authority therein, or receive official titles of spiritual preeminence, except such as are employed in the Scripture. Furthermore, unordained people should not be referred to as, or given the titles connected to, the ecclesial offices of pastor, elder, or deacon.

Since this overture had already been approved by last year’s general assembly and by two thirds of the PCA’s presbyteries, it only required a majority vote of the General Assembly this year. Nonetheless, speeches were made against the overture. I was somewhat taken aback by several of these responses.

…The most surprising speech of all, however, was from one speaker who stated that the Bible clearly allows women to be ordained to the office of deacon, which, by necessary implication, means that this speaker does not believe our polity is correct.

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