Don’t Machen the SBC

…Premature surrender, on the other hand, is not so fondly remembered. Put another way, what if defeat is not inevitable? What if on the other side of a little pain and hardship is victory? What if you are crediting your opponent with too much resolve, too much endurance? What if accommodation—prioritizing “mission” and “unity” over doctrinal fidelity is actually the one thing that will make you lose? What if exiting is exactly what they want you to do? 

We’ve seen it before. Liberals are good at making institutional conditions intolerable—or seemingly intolerable—for conservatives and preying upon the latter’s desire for concord, peace, and stability. They know every institutional battle, in which they always play the role of parasite, is a war of attrition. It’s time for conservative Christians to recognize the same and act accordingly, especially in a place like the SBC where victory is so easily within their grasp. 

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