David French & the PCA’s General Assembly

I am a minister (Teaching Elder) in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). This morning I learned that there will be an assembly-wide seminar at this summer’s General Assembly on the topic of “How to Be Supportive of Your Pastor and Church Leaders in a Polarized Political Year.” As the press release states the “panel of speakers will include RE Paul McNulty, TE David Coffin, RE Randy Hicks, and David French.”

I am utterly dismayed to see the name of David French (who is not even a member of a PCA congregation) in that list. Consider the following. French has written and spoken defending “drag-queen story hour” as a blessing of American liberty. He has done the same in support of the legalization of so-called gay marriage. French called a law like the one in Texas that would investigate parents who subject their children to chemical or surgical mutilation of their sexual organs (so-called gender reassignment surgeries) an “illiberal extreme.” He has stated that support for the current Republican presidential candidate is evil, idolatrous, and anti-democratic, that “Trump deserves not one single Christian vote if and when he chooses to run for president again.” He and his wife left the PCA because, as his wife put it, the PCA is “brimming with neo-Confederates.” He recently starred in (the atheist) Rob Reiner’s documentary portraying evangelical Christians who support Donald Trump as dangerous Christian nationalists. Virtually everything French writes or says is about the danger posed to America by Donald Trump and a sizeable percentage of the Republican Party and evangelical church. And French routinely besmirches the character of Christians who disagree with him on these issues.

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