Courage in the PCA

The decision to disinvite French also provides perspective on shifts within the PCA over the last several years. In that time the PCA General Assembly has seen a sizable increase in vote totals of pastors and elders committed to the Scriptures and the PCA’s confessional standards. From a successful vote requiring ministers to adhere to the Bible’s teaching on sexuality, to the decision to leave the National Association of Evangelicals because of its political lobbying, to a vote to forbid the use of biblical titles for ordained office by those not ordained, the PCA’s annual meetings have been trending in a confessionally faithful direction.

In the end, while Curtis Chang is not accurate when he claims that it was “the right-wing faction within the PCA” that was responsible for the political polarization panel being cancelled, it is likely that he is right when he says this “only encourages more of the same.” One can only say: by God’s grace, yes, may it be so. Courage to do the right thing in the face of unrelenting cultural pressure is contagious. And such contagious courage is sorely needed today.

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