Confessionalism is an Act of Hospitality

Absolute confessional subscription means that office-bearers must conform their teaching to all the doctrines in our confessions. Other Reformed denominations only ask their office bearers to acknowledge the confessions. Some require them to conform to a “system of doctrine” contained in the confessions, and many allow “scrupling,” where office bearers describe any exceptions they have to the confession to see if taking exceptions will be allowed. However, in the CRC, we have historically practiced absolute confessional subscription. This means that those in leadership must exercise a heightened level of self-discipline, sacrificing their freedom to exercise the power inherent in their leadership roles. Additionally, the church must be willing to hold the leadership accountable to that subscription, disciplining office-bearers who violate their vows. One payoff of this discipline is an environment of hospitality for the ordinary families who sit in our pews, not unlike the hospitality that God shows to us.

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