Beautiful Gospel Ministry in the PCA

We need to more intentionally convey the beauty of Old School, Confessional Presbyterianism. When people think of beautiful orthodoxy, they should think of men like Gillespie, Makemie, Davies, Miller, Hodge, Thornwell, Dabney, Peck, Warfield, Machen, Smith, Scott, Elkin, Pipa, Aquila, Duncan, Master, Phillips, and Payne. This is because Old School Confessional Presbyterianism is the most grand and faithful expression of Biblical truth…

We need to do better by the Reformed faith. We should not shun words like beautiful, nuance, winsome, and missional, but find ways to use them and use them properly: to extol the virtues of the Westminster Standards as a philosophy of ministry and summary of the Scripture’s teaching.

By Ryan Biese

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