A Test of America’s Moral Condition

The news also comes amid increasing erosion of women’s safety in the name of gender inclusivity and political progress. Just consider the implications of the Biden administration’s amendments to Title IX. Or the judicially mandated transfer of a violent, male sex offender to a women’s prison. Or the cumulative calls for biological men to have access to single-sex spaces like domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers.

But the significance of women in the draft is no mere social evolution; rather, it’s a cultural indictment. And its precedent goes back to a biblical era of moral chaos, one that demonstrates the connection between a nation’s spiritual decline and the vulnerability of its women.

Consider the Book of Judges.

…And here the ancient narrator reveals a lesson within the lesson: We can measure a culture’s spiritual health by the degree to which that culture protects its women. How the men of a nation defend women from harm is a benchmark indicator of that nation’s moral condition.

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