A New Decade: Irony Continues At GA 51 (Part 1)

If a longitudinal focus is permitted, in 2018 the OC could not obtain a majority to add to the BCO a ‘one-man-and-one-woman’ standard for marriage. That, however, eventually passed, despite the tired argument that it was not needed since the standards were so clear. Then from 2019–22, various other definitions prohibiting same-sex attraction were tried (some narrowly failing in the lower courts, despite Assembly approval). Notwithstanding, the 2022 GA and the 2023 GA adopted clearer language on same-sex attraction. The 2024 GA ratified its clearest statement to date on the topic (by amending BCO 8-2 and 9-3 to include this wording for any officer: “He should conform to the biblical requirement of chastity and sexual purity in his descriptions of himself, and in his convictions, character, and conduct.”), a trajectory that seemed in line with traditional morality.

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