A Different Planting Call

This is a framework that given time, could broaden and deepen the church for centuries to come. It would require that seminaries instruct students of theology in a mindset both of humility and of wise financial planning, as a discipline that includes frugality and shrewdness, with a long-term view; that our denominational home missions boards rethink the flash and dazzle of recent church-planting innovations, considering instead the human and financial resources that presently exist in the last third of a man’s ministry continuum; that presbyteries and classes be a place where humility and self-sacrifice are modeled, where the first might even be willing to be last.

Older men, can you hear this as a present or near-term call? Younger men, can you hear this as a call for the deliberate planning of your future? A mutual buy-in and renewed spirit of partnership between ministers and their wives will be required. Are some of us possibly being called to lay down a few of the privileges of life that we have become accustomed to, perhaps trading some of our dreams for a vital spiritual life among a population presently starved of the spiritual resources we have come to take for granted? Perhaps some in our circles have ears to hear this peculiar call.

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