2022 General Assembly Preview

One former moderator of the General Assembly characterized this year as the “Pitchfork Assembly,” because of the outrage in the pews related to some of the events of recent years in the PCA. This is both cause for prayers of thanksgiving (i.e. that people in the churches are willing to sacrifice to send their elders to the Assembly and that God has raised up elders willing to do the work of the church) and prayers for peace (i.e. that God will pour out a spirit of humility and grace even as we contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints so we may be united in truth and love).

This Assembly has the potential to be a watershed moment for the PCA in which we take decisive steps toward renewing our commitment to the Scriptures and our Doctrinal Standards which summarize them. Please pray the PCA will enter her fiftieth year with greater devotion to the Reformed Faith, the Scriptures, and the Great Commission than ever before.

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