Rehabilitating Masculinity

Putting to one side the specific issue of female pastors, Foster and Tennant argue that when “women hold power in the church—whether officially or unofficially—two things tend to happen: • They strive to include anyone agreeable, regardless of error. • They strive to…

One Blood

Of “one blood” we were all born. In “one blood” we all need to be…

The Curse of Liberalism

Let there be no mistake, the homosexuality issue is symptomatic of a more fundamental problem….

A Plea to the PCA

If you care to read the architects of Critical Theory—Benjamin, Horkheimer, Fromm, Adorno, Marcuse, etc.—…

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If you are looking for a picture of the early church giving itself to creation care, plans for societal renewal, and strategies to serve the community in Jesus’s name, you won’t find them in Acts. - Kevin DeYoung